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(Awesome writer!)Creator/screen-writer Scott Milam and Artist which is me will be doing
a signing session at San Diego Comicon at,

Location: Arcana Studio (Booth #2415)
Time: 23rd Friday - Noon to 2pm.

Excited to be there soon! (It's my first time there, i feel like a kid so excited to get into Toy'R'Us now) :)

I will be walking everywhere in the convention, hope to see DA artists over there too!


Hi Everyone!

Update on a project that I’m currently working on.
The comic is called Killing machine.
For those that are interested, you can read the interview by
Newsarama here… :)

Thanks for looking as usual, I appreciate it! 

I think this is my 2nd time putting up a journal here lol anyway just wanted to update some stuff then.

I was interviewed by RedFriction recently, just wanted share with you guys on this :)

I'm sure there are going to be quite alot of interviews of artists from them, for those who are interested here's the link -

One more update! Checkout this Liquid City Book! An Anthology of Comics from South-East Asia and Beyond.

For more infos of this book checkout -…
and Sonny Liew Deviantart -

Cheers! :)